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Get Acquainted :: Our Vision  

Who we are becoming

The Vision of Neighborhood Bible Church is to embrace the Living God through:

† Participation in life changing and reverent worship services,
† Developing relationships that are real, sincere, and relevant.
† Growing as reproducing Christ Followers, and
† Seizing all opportunities to serve God and others.

Therefore, we purpose to create a natural and genuine Christ filled environment based on five integral components found in the first century church. (Acts 2:43-46)

† Worship,
† Fellowship,
† Discipleship and,
† Prayer

These are the four necessary components which keep a church healthy.  When these first four are properly lived out in a church, concern for the lost and an evangelistic lifestyle follows, and we then naturally fulfill the fifth component (Acts 2:47)

† Missions  

We aim to challenge and encourage those in our congregation to become;

† Dedicated Christ Followers,
† Teachable disciples
† Ones who love others unconditionally and † Ministry-driven & Mission-minded

From our inception Neighborhood Bible Church has sought help its members develop a Christ honoring worldview. This will cause us to think, act and speak properly about the church, Gods word, the lost, the world, and our Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

We will employ five strategies to implement our vision. The strategy will be implemented through the basic components of worship, fellowship, discipleship, prayer and missions.

1. Invite:
Every Christ Follower will be encouraged to build relationships with non-believers. To accomplish this goal we train our members in one-to-one lifestyle evangelism and immerse ourselves in events that are relevant to the needs of our community. We will offer opportunities for members to "Learn as Disciples" and actively reproduce their faith.

2. Include:
New believers and guests will be welcomed and included in the numerous church ministries or “ports of entry.” Our desire is to offer activities, events and opportunities where people can "Live as Christ Followers" in an inclusive and inviting environment as an example to those new in the faith.


3. Invest:
Growing Christians will be offered opportunities to develop in ministry and leadership by being mentored or discipled. Such discipleship efforts help move a believer from learning and training to ministry and missions. Every believer will be offered opportunities to love others through their gifts, skills and experiences. We will also invest our time by reaching out to those who do not know Christ or who do not have a church home.

4. Involve:
Involvement is vital to the spiritual growth of a believer and it is also essential if the church is going to fulfill its mission. For this reason every believer will be expected to regularly participate in:

† Worship experiences
† One primary area of ministry
† A Bible Study and fellowship
† One un-churched friend's life

We encourage members to attend our worship service(s) on a regular basis, become involved in one primary area of ministry, become involved in a group fellowship such as Sunday School or Bible Study, and intentionally developing a relationship with someone who is an un-churched i.e. a neighbor, a co-worker, or a friend.

5. Inspire:
We seek to inspire all believers to invest their lives into others by:

Fulfilling the Great Commandment
Matthew 22:37-40

Fulfilling the Great Commission
Matthew 28:19-20

We support and encourage our church membership and church leadership as we seek to accomplish these goals and objectives with a Christlike attitude, commitment, and prayerfulness.

We will remind ourselves of these principles as we plan, organize, and implement our worship, fellowship, discipleship, prayer, and missions opportunities within our church. These strategies will help empower us to accomplish the following action plans.


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