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All of us experience periods of struggle , hardship, or even despair in our lives. The good news is that we don’t have to walk through those times alone. If you are going through one of those times, we offer many opportunities to experience Christian love, care, and assistance.

For New People
If you’re new to the area or to Neighborhood Bible Church and would like someone to answer your questions or show you around town.
Send Christel an Email 

Emergency or Crisis Assistance
In a crisis? There are those in our church who can provide prayer, transportation, childcare, financial help, and other types of assistance.
Send Chuck an Email

One-on-One Care
Sometimes when you’re hurting or lonely, it helps to talk or cry with someone who isn’t family—who isn’t necessarily a close friend, pastor, or counselor. We have members who are ready to offer the encouragement and support you need to help you through this difficult time.
Send Howard an Email

Remain Faithful: Men’s Support
Are you struggling with pornography, adultery, sexual addiction or other issues of sexual integrity? You are not alone. We want to help.
Send an anonymous Email

Remain Faithful: Women’s Support
Are you, your husband or someone close to you struggling with sexual integrity—pornography, adultery, addiction, etc.? We can help you.
Send an anonymous Email

Safe In His Arms
Have you experienced the loss of a baby through miscarriage, sitllbirth, or infant death? Are you considering or have been through an abortion? This is a place you can find encouragment, hope, and support.
Send Christel an Email 

Widow/Widower Support Group
You’ll find a warm welcome from others who understand what it’s like to go on with your life after the loss of a spouse.
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Confusing Passage of Scripture
Are you stuggleing making sense of a passage of scripture? Send your questions here and we will try to get you a scriptural answer.
Send Joy an Email


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