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Top 10 Reasons :: You'll Love Neighborhood Bible Church!  

10. We will never pressure you for money!
(you can keep a closed checkbook and a open heart)

9. We promise never to embarrass you.
(our people have feelings just like you)

8. Our pastors practice what they preach. (we don't allow them to point their finger!)

7. Feel free to come just as you are.
(no Sunday morning fashion show here)

6. We avoid the "worship war".
(blending chorus' with hymns works just fine for us)

5. Kids have FUN!
(we involve kids in the life of the church)



4. You can ask ANY question @ ANY time.
(our people are at all different point on their spiritual journey)

3. You can worship with real people like you.
(perfect people are not allowed)

2. You will be welcomed but not harassed.
(you can become as connected as you wish to be)

1. You'll leave knowing you have worshipped.
(church here isn't boring)


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